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It's an idle game. You control a solo knight fighting in an endless dungeon. The fight is automatic. You can keep your hands free. The equipments are from chests and you can collect gold to open the chests. Merge basic weaposn and equipments to get higher quality ones.  Allocate your coins to upgrade skills you prefer. You are free to decide which type of hero you want to build.

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Space Girls

Classic gacha RPG. You will collect girl heroes with different personalities to fight with you. Build your best squad and use correct tactics to gain victory. The universe is in danger. Save it with your girls.

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Super Mech War

The game is a turn-based SRPG. In the game, players not only need to collect mechs and pilots, but also need to arrange combinations based on the strengths and weaknesses of them, then win the battles. Besides the squad, many other things such as terrain, weapon distance, movement power, pilot spirit, mech energy, etc. co-decide the outcome of the battles, which makes the game very strategic. 


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